This article refers to the original world on Galaxy-Craft that existed and was accessible to the server from its opening day to December 31st 2012. As the server population increased, problems with lag increased as well, until it became apparent that the server needed a restructuring. The server went down in early December of 2012 and the original Earth map was deemed too corrupted with lag to preserve. The players were allowed a brief period to collect their items and transport them to the new world, called Nibiru. Along with Earth, Space Sector 1 was removed due to similar lag problems.

Storyline ExplanationEdit

As humanity progress techonologically on Earth enough to expand to other areas of the solar system (Space Sector 1) a previously hidden 'stray' planet came hurtling near earth. This mysterious planet was named Nibiru, and as it drew closer it became clearer that the gravitiation effects of Nibiru would hurl Earth off into space sending it into a deep freeze. However, Nibiru would stabilize itself into an orbit similar to Earth's original one. Without much time to prepare, an evacuation of Earth was carried out through Starbase 1.


Earth was rediscovered by the Nibiruans on May 17th 2013 orbiting an alien sun in the Tau Ceti system. Earth was then recolonized along with Space Sector 1.